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BEST Grant 2019 - 2024

The BEST Grant Professional Learning Community

The BEST Grant Professional Learning Community (PLC) is your all-access place to BEST training resources, announcements, and support!  

Hosted on Microsoft Teams, this PLC will offer you a place to network with other educators who are serving the blind and visually impaired as well as a place to go to for information and resources. Participants will have access to: 

  • Recordings of all the BEST Grant's braille-related trainings (Over 70 sessions available!).
  • Training handouts and specific resources available for download or viewing. 
  • A place to ask questions of our distinctly specialized Technical Assistance Consultants that concentrate on creating high quality, accessible braille documents, braille literacy, braille technology and software.  
  • Access to all BEST resources whenever you need them to supportyour use of braille related software, braille devices, and more with your students! 

Note: training specific materials will be accessible to those who have attended the training session live. If you join the network and then attend a session, you will be invited to join the training channel.

Ready to join? All that's left is for you to register below via Microsoft forms! Let us know what trainings you have been involved in and who you are by filling out the short form. (Estimated time to complete: 4 minutes) 

New to Microsoft Teams? Check out the Tips and Tricks document attached below on how to get started. Please feel free to reach out to Augusta Fisher at with any questions or issues you have with joining the network after registering, and we will do our best to assist you in getting started!

Register Here via Microsoft Forms

Download the Helpful Hints for Using Teams Word Document

Download the Helpful Hints for Using Teams PDF