On-Demand Tips and Tricks Videos

The BEST Grant is now offering on-demand training support. The on-demand sessions are designed to support educators who need immediate assistance related to braille technologies or creating accessible educational materials. The on-demand videos are typically short (5-15 minutes each)and provide quick and immediate answers to help teachers effectively use the tools and/or quickly create the accessible materials they need so they can focus on doing what they do best, teaching students.

Math Braille Conversion Series Available On-Demand
Large Print Templates and Macros Available On-Demand
Braille Templates and Macros Available On-Demand
Creating Accessible Materials to Streamline Braille Production Series Available On-Demand
Tips and Tricks for Trouble-Shooting Local Braille Production Centers Series Upcoming
Sourcing Ready-made Braille Materials Upcoming
Accessible ePub Documents Upcoming
Duxbury Braille Translation Software Series Upcoming