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AT Special Projects and Grants

The AT & AEM Center participates in a number of national projects and and grants to advance the mission of providing assistive technology and accessible educational materials to students. These projects include: Federal Quota, the BEST Grant, the Best Practices Cohort and Targeted Technical Assistance projects with the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials.

Building Capacity for AT Service Delivery - DD Council Grant

The AT&AEM Center is a proud recipient of a grant from the Developmental Disabilities Council to help build the capacity for assistive technology (AT) service delivery through the County Boards of Developmental Disabilities (CBDD) in Ohio. Funding from this grant will create a variety of training opportunities, online resources, develop a Community of Practice (CoP), and provide opportunities for assistance to obtain advanced certification in AT for CBDD personnel.

The overall intent of the project is to build the capacity of SSAs and other CBDD personnel to assess and implement AT services and supports so that more people with developmental disabilities in Ohio's 88 counties will learn about, and obtain AT to enable them to lead more independent and self-determined lives.

County Board of DD AT Survey - DD Council Grant

The AT & AEM Center will be conducting a survey of the County Boards of Developmental Disabilities to determine current AT practices and supports provided by the County Boards. This information will be used to help determine promising practices and barriers that impact the provision of AT services. This project has been funded by the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council.

AT Lending Library Survey - DD Council Grant

The AT and AEM Center will be conducting a survey of AT lending libraries across the state. If your agency provides AT lending library services, we are interested in hearing from you. Please complete the survey by following the link below. If you know of an AT lending library in your region please submit their contact information below so we can reach out to them to learn more.

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