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AT Basics

Video Collection

This collection of videos provides introductory information about assistive technology (AT) designed for quick access and ease of understanding. These videos provide a basic overview of AT, categories and types of AT, who can benefit, where to find an assessment and how to talk with school administrators about AT.

AT Domains

There are thousands of assistive technology (AT) supports that might assist a student to access, participate, and become more independent in a variety of school activities and tasks including both low- and high-tech options. The following is a chart that can help frame the various student needs that might warrant consideration and application of AT. The examples provided are just a small sampling of AT supports that are available within these domains. This chart is not intended to be an exhaustive list of possible solutions and should not be used as a way to select AT for a specific student. A careful assessment of needs which includes a feature-matching process is required for appropriate selection of specific AT to support a student.

AT Domains (DOCX)

AT Domains (PDF)