AT Lending Library Survey - DD Council Grant

AT lending programs can support the AT assessment process or provide the opportunity for an individual to obtain AT when availability and affordability are barriers. There are several entities that serve as AT lending programs across Ohio, allowing individuals and families the opportunity to explore and access AT options. Yet, these AT lending programs are often the best kept secret. The goal of this project is to assess 88 Ohio counties to identify existing AT lending programs, their scope of services, and other activities to improve access to information for people with developmental disabilities (DD) and families who are investigating the possibilities for assistive technologies. In an effort to locate and catalog the services of the various AT lending libraries across the state the AT and AEM Center will be speaking with consumer groups and others to identify these programs and then conduct a survey of the various lending libraries creating a comprehensive list and description of these programs. Additionally this project will also investigate AT training opportunities and will generate a comprehensive list of these events.

Project Goals

  1. Implement approaches to collect data to locate and identify the services of AT lending programs and AT training events across the state in the 88 counties.
  2. Engage in variety of investigative processes that result in the identification of Ohio AT lending programs and events.
  3. Analyze survey data, resulting in a final report of project findings and recommendations to present to DD Council.

Project Outcomes

The project outcomes included development of a comprehensive list of AT lending libraries across the state of Ohio. The programs are organized in a variety of formats including a PDF list, spreadsheet, chart, and interactive map. The various formats provide options for users who may encounter access barrier from a single format. Additionally the various formats provide a variety of ways for the information to be sorted so that users can quickly locate the relevant information about the lending libraries.

Choose from the following to search for Assistive Technology Lending Libraries in Ohio.

Guide to Assistive Technology Lending Libraries in Ohio (2-page PDF document)

Assistive Technology Loan Programs in Ohio - Statewide and Regional (40-page PDF document)

Statewide and Regional Lending Libraries in Ohio (Excel spreadsheet) 

Online Interactive Map of Lending Library Locations (Google Map)

Project funding partner

Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council