Additional Resources

In an effort to deepen and expand learning for BEST Grant participants, these external resources have been curated to provide even more opportunities. The BEST Grant along with the AT&AEM Center do not endorse specific products, but many organizations and companies have valuable resources directly related to several grant activities. Learn more about braille and related technologies by visiting these websites!

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Screen Reading Technologies

Freedom Scientific JAWS Training

Explore several training videos focused on JAWS from getting started all the way to learning more advanced skills. This series also includes JAWS use and compatibility with common educational applications and software such as Zoom, Microsoft, and Google.

Braille Transcription Technologies

APH BrailleBlaster Video Series

Discover all you need to know about BrailleBlaster through this video series provided by the American Printing House for the Blind. The quick videos include a range in topics including getting started, special symbols, spatial math, and tables.