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AT Special Projects and Grants

Assistive Technology Academy - 2021 Cohort 2

This is for people who are new to the AT Academy© in 2021

The AT Academy© is a multi-session, interactive and technology-based training program designed to build foundational competencies in order to deliver Assistive Technology (AT) services to individuals with an array of disabilities and age groups.

Content covered will include: AT consideration and evaluation, including the Fundamental Assessment Process (FAP), access to AT (computer, switches, etc.), mobile devices as AT, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), AT for literacy, AT for community living, future trends in AT, and AT trials. The AT Academy© is relevant for all disability age groups, but will focus on providing effective assistive technology solutions for adults with developmental disabilities.

The AT Academy© will consist of synchronous and asynchronous modules, coaching sessions with a nationally recognized expert in the field of AT, development of a capstone project, and the creation of a toolkit of resources that will include video clips, tutorials, checklists, and more.

The Academy is offered at no charge, but registration is required.

Who Should Attend?

The Academy is designed for county boards of developmental disabilities.

Training Dates

Synchronous Training Sessions

Participate in three one-hour synchronous training sessions designed to build foundational knowledge in AT while promoting a just-in-time learning environment.
March 23, April 20, June 8 at 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Virtual Coaching Sessions

Participate in virtual coaching sessions with the presenter throughout the duration of the training.
April 2, April 16, April 30, May 14, May 28, June 18 at 3:00 - 3:30 pm

Asynchronous Modules

Receive access to six asynchronous learning modules (2 each date) accompanied by individual application exercises to be completed by each participant for each module.
May 3, May 12, May 24

Open Office Sessions

Meet with Mike to discuss the asynchronous modules, progress on your personal projects and general comments about AT implementation.
May 7, May 21, June 4 at 3:00 - 3:45 pm

Resource Development/Participant Project

(1) During this time, development of a virtual toolkit of supports will be provided including video clips, tutorials, checklists and more.
(2) Individual feedback on participant's final project will be provided to each participant during this timeframe.
May 23 - June 25

Throughout the training, participants will have access to an interactive web portal that houses all the training materials and other resources, along with a toolkit of video clips, tutorials, checklists, and various other items to promote a culture of technology inclusion for individuals with disabilities.

The Academy concludes with a capstone project, which provides participants the opportunity to synthesize the information provided throughout the Academy and develop a plan to apply this information within their unique situation. Mentoring support will be provided.


The presenter, Mike Marotta

Mike Marotta, ATP

Mike is the owner of Inclusive Technology Solutions, LLC and has been in the field of Assistive Technology for 30 years. His experience revolves around a vast array of accommodations for persons with disabilities and their family/support members. Mike believes that networking and information sharing are essential for successful evaluation, consideration, implementation, and application of assistive technology.

Space is Limited:

The AT Academy© is available at no charge, however, registration is required. Space is limited to the first 50 registrants, so register early to reserve your spot.

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