Braille Practice Test Links

The following links will provide access to print practice tests. Braille practice materials usually follow the print tests, though the numbering of questions may be different than the print. The answers to the braille practice material questions are provided in a separate document for you.

Particularly in math and science, questions may be omitted in braille because they were omitted from print as well. No items were omitted at the discretion of the transcribers. In some cases there may be braille questions that were not included in the paper version. We appreciate your patience in the differences between tests as ODE reviews and updates their practice testing materials.

2017 3rd Grade Practice Test

2017 3rd Grade Scoring Guides

2017 4th Grade Practice Test

2017 4th Grade Scoring Guides

2017 5th Grade Practice Test

2017 5th Grade Scoring Guides

2017 6th Grade Practice Test

2017 6th Grade Scoring Guides

2017 7th Grade Practice Test

2017 7th Grade Scoring Guides

2017 8th Grade Practice Test

2017 8th Grade Scoring Guides