Products requested through Federal Quota belong to the state of Ohio. At the present time, the AT & AEM Center administers the Federal Quota account for the Ohio Department of Education, Office for Exceptional Children.

The school district/agency is responsible for the product during the on-loan period.

The school district/agency can keep the product as long as the student needs it.

At times, students’ parents inquire about transporting products between home and school so that products can be used in both settings (i.e., SMART Braillers; MATT Connects). AT & AEM has left this decision up to the local school district. The AT & AEM Center allows the requestor to order two braillers for a student - one for home and one for school (one SMART Brailler and one Perkins Brailler or two Perkins Braillers when the student starts school in Kindergarten). This policy decision was made by the AT & AEM Centers Federal Quota Committee.

Some products can be repaired using Federal Quota funds. However, if the same product is returned for repair from a school district/agency (after the warranty expires) due to modification, misuse or abuse, the school district/agency will be responsible for paying repair costs.

The AT & AEM has volunteers who fix Perkins Braillers for free. Refer to Brailler Repair Service page. For repair of other devices, please email for assistance

When a student no longer needs a product, the product should be returned to the AT & AEM Center’s clearinghouse. If the school district/agency has another student who could use that product, the product can be transferred to a new student. The requestor must notify the AT & AEM Center with the name of the new student, name of the device being transferred, and the serial number of the device. If a student transfers to another district, the equipment transfers with the student. The requester notifies the AT & AEM Center that the student is transferring to a new district with the student’s name and the new district.