June 2022. Please check back for a more updated description!


Shelley Mack, AT&AEM Center Braille Consultant, Certified Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (CTVI) and Certified Braille Transcriber


  • Educators and others who work with students who use braille
  • Braillists and Transcribers

Learning Objectives

The student will demonstrate:

  • Use of Nemeth Code in UEB materials
  • Ability to write Nemeth materials using 6-key input
  • Basic understanding of Nemeth braille formatting
  • Ability to read, write and proofread basic Nemeth code for math and science
  • Awareness of resources, various pieces of technology and software for braille production.


The Basic Nemeth Course will review the basic Nemeth Code for math and science notation. This course will cover the Nemeth Code notation appropriate for kindergarten to middle school curricula. Students will participate in independent and group work via video conferencing and will apply their knowledge as they read, write, and proofread math and science materials. Students will use 6-key input to produce braille materials. The course will be appropriate for students with little or no Nemeth experience. The course will also include examples following current recommendations for the use of Nemeth Code in the UEB setting.


Proficiency in the material covered in the Basic Braille course is highly recommended due to the pace and content of this course

Class materials are available online at:

Online Participation

Participants are required to use a computer with free Perky Duck software available at

For more information contact Augusta Fisher at