December 6th, 2022. 12:00pm - 1:30pm


Lucia Hasty, MA, TVI, Braille and Tactile Graphics specialist


  • Teachers and paraprofessionals working with students who are potential or current braille users
  • Staff of Boards of Developmental Disabilities working with students who are potential or current braille users
  • Other school staff working with students who are potential or current braille users
  • Transcribers or accessible materials productionists


This training will review the features of the TactiPad, a hardware that can be used with TactileView software or as a stand alone hardware to create tactile graphics. Especially useful in STEM subjects, the TactiPad can be used by a sighted person to create graphics for learners, or by a blind user to create their own tactile graphics. The training will focus on how to use the TactiPad equipment with its features in a variety of school subjects.


I. Overview of TactiPad features:

  • Drawing pad and film

II. Math tools

  • Ruler, Triangle, Protractor, Compasses
  • GraphGrid with trigonometry tool, coordinate system
  • CircleFrame for pie charts and clocks

III. Using the digital pen to capture drawings

  • Explore Mode and design mode
  • Using context menus to create line styles
  • How students can use the digital pen to create their own graphics

IV. Exploring audio-tactile images using speech and sound

V. Using RouteTactile for creating maps

VI. Importing designs from TactileView Catalog





  • How to set up the TactiPad and tools
  • The benefits of using the digital pen
  • Audio-tactile features of the TactiPad
  • How to create maps using RouteTactile
  • Explore how students can use the device to create their own tactile graphics

Additional Information

A trial version of TactileView software is available for download on Note that the training is focused on the TactiPad, and is not a software training. Downloading the trial version of TactileView will be helpful, but not at all required for this training.

Contact Hours

One and one-half hours (1.5) contact hours will be offered for full participation. Full live attendance is required to receive hours and a TactiPad.


  • This workshop is limited to 15 participants
  • Deadline for Registration: December 5th, 2022.
  • You must have a Lending Library account in order to register and be provided the equipment.
  • If you need to cancel your registration, please do so 1 week in advance by email to Augusta Fisher. (Email below)
  • For more information contact:

Register online via OCALI Pass