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Producing Tactile Graphics on the Juliet 120


March 13, 2023. 12:00pm - 1:30pm.


Lucia Hasty, MA, TVI, Braille and Tactile Graphics specialist


  • Teachers and paraprofessionals working with students who are potential or current braille users
  • Staff of Boards of Developmental Disabilities working with students who are potential or current braille users
  • Other school staff working with students who are potential or current braille users
  • Transcribers or accessible materials producers


During this webinar, we will discuss an overview of the Juliet 120 and its features, then take an in-depth look at Firebird, the software for creating tactile graphics. Instructor will demonstrate how to import several types of print images into Firebird, then convert, remediate, enhance and label the image to produce a readable tactile graphic to be embossed.


I. Features of Juliet 120 for embossing a tactile graphic

II. Creating a tactile graphic in Firebird: 

  • Settings (Image Controls)
  • Finding an appropriate image (resource list provided)
  • Importing a print image: acceptable file types, converting to those file types
  • Importing a braille graphic (.prn file)
  • Creating a graphic by drawing

III. Remediating and enhancing the imported print image

  • Image Tools
  • Image Filters
  • Adding braille labels

IV. Embossing single or multiple tactile graphics

V. Overview of TactileView, another software for creating embossed tactile graphics with Juliet 120




  • Participants will become familiar with features of the Juliet 120 Embosser and Firebird related to embossing tactile graphics
  • Participants will learn to import a print image (a source image), import a .prn file, open a previously imported file, and create a new braille file for a tactile graphic.
  • Participants will learn to use the page settings, image tools, and image filters in Firebird to remediate., enhance, and label a tactile graphic.

Needed for Participation

Helpful but not required: Juliet 120 and Firebird software. A live copy of the Firebird software v 31.0 is available as a free download from HumanWare's website. If you have a Romeo 60, Juliet 120, or a Phoenix, the software came with the embosser. Th same software is used for the APH PageBlaster embosser.

Contact Hours

One and one-half hours (1.5) contact hours will be offered for full participation. Full live attendance is required to receive hours.


  • This workshop is limited to 15 participants
  • Deadline for Registration: March 12, 2023.
  • If you need to cancel your registration, please do so 1 week in advance by email to Augusta Fisher. (Email below)
  • For more information contact:

Register online via OCALI Pass