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Returning and Shipping AEM

Returning AEM

Return all large print and braille textbooks, assistive technology, specialized equipment, and instructional products no longer needed by students to the AT&AEM Center. Returning materials enables other students to borrow materials. If the student currently using the AEM needs the AEM again next year, or if another student in your program will need the materials, please keep the AEM instead of returning to the AT&AEM Center. Contact the AT&AEM Center when equipment is transferred to another student.

Guidelines for Returning Braille, Large Print Textbooks, Instructional Products, and Equipment

Please remember the following guidelines for returning materials to AT&AEM:

  • Return only complete sets of materials or textbooks; partial materials cannot be recirculated.
  • Return textbook copyrights: Braille - 5 years or newer and UEB compliant. All classic literature is accepted; Large Print - 15 years or newer and all classics.
  • Return in sturdy boxes and securely tape the boxes; when a title must be divided into several boxes, clearly mark the boxes (i.e., box 1 of 3, box 2 of 3, and box 3 of 3).
  • DO NOT return damaged or non-usable textbooks, workbooks, or kits with missing parts.
  • Materials shipped directly to the requestor from APH should be returned to the AT&AEM Center.
  • AT&AEM Center only accepts donations of textbooks with copyright dates of 5 years or newer. All donated braille textbooks must be UEB compliant and produced by certified transcribers.
  • Donations sent to AT&AEM Center that DO NOT comply with the guidelines will be returned to the sender.
  • DO NOT return instructional products listed as "consumable" in the Clearinghouse Catalog. However, if a consumable has not been used it may be returned.

Thank you for supporting us in this effort to manage the AT&AEM collection.

Guidelines for Shipping AEM Back to the AT&AEM Center

When shipping materials to AT&AEM, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Return assistive technology and other specialized equipment to AT&AEM in the original packaging or pack equipment with care to prevent damage; if small packing chips are used, cover the equipment first. Large ticket items such as the Jupiter, Matt Connect, Pix and PageBlaster should be sent United Parcel Service (UPS) or FedEx at the cost of the district. Important: Before packing up the PixBlaster embosser for shipping, please make sure to reinstall the shipping bolt. You may need to tilt the embosser gently to the side with the buttons until you hear a sliding sound to allow complete insertion of the shipping bolt. Screw and tighten the shipping bolt securely. Replace the tape to hold the lid on the embosser. If this shipping bolt is not reinstalled when shipping back it can void the warranty. Before packing up the PageBlaster for shipping, please put the transport lock in place, this keeps the embosser's parts in place and prevents damage while it is being shipped. If this head is not locked when shipping back it can void the warranty. 
  • Return the AT&AEM Item-On-Loan form to aid AT&AEM Center in clearing the student's account or include the name of the student who used the materials.
  • For better handling, provide the requestor's return address on the outside of the box.
  • If AEM is for a student who is blind or visually impaired, return materials through the U.S. Postal Service labeled "Free Matter for the Blind", there is no charge for postage (visit USPS Free Matter for the Blind).
  • Return materials before the summer break if they will not be used during the next school year.
  • If equipment is in need of repair, please include a note indicating the issue and the return address to send the repaired device. If your student no longer needs the device, include a note indicating that you are returning the device to stock.

Thank you for supporting us in this effort to manage the AT&AEM clearinghouse collection.