Search Engines for Apps

Bridging Apps - Enter as a teacher, parent, therapist or a variety of other professions. The "Insignio" search tool allows you to search and compare topics. Then review screenshots, skill levels, reviews, links and more.

Common Sense Media's App Reviews - An apps search engine for multiple curriculum areas and disability needs. Grade levels and quality ratings provided.

Smart Apps for Kids - Mostly educational apps but also apps for students with special needs. This website maintains a free app section and showcases "Free Apps Fridays" which contains limited access to paid apps.

Autism Apps - This app provides a listing of apps that have been used by individuals with autism. Specific search terms can be entered such as "word prediction" or "communication". Results include reviews, links to videos and educational categories.

Athabasca University Apps Search - Click View All to see all apps categories or you can further refine your search by selecting "Learning Skills" or answering questions in the "Help Me Choose" section.

Other Resources for Identifying Apps

Spectronics – iPhone/iPad Apps for AAC - This website offers a bulleted list of considerations when making AAC app selections. It also provides a list of several popular AAC apps with features listed and supplementary resources such as YouTube videos and support documents.

Call Scotland - CALL Scotland offers a number of apps feature wheels for a variety of platforms (iPad, Android) and focus areas. Each resource can be downloaded and printed. The website also provides an accessible version of each wheel and descriptions and links for each of the apps listed.