Wednesday June 16; Wednesday June 23, and Wednesday June 30, 2021  

Online class times  8:45am - 4:00pm


Shelley Mack, Certified Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (CTVI), Certified Braille Transcriber and AT & AEM Braille Consultant


  • Educators and others who work with students who use braille
  • Braille Transcribers with limited Nemeth Code experience

Course Description

The course is designed for persons who need more advanced instruction on braille Nemeth math code and science notation. The course consists of two onsite sessions with four additional lessons to be completed independently between. Participants will have activities for independent and group work and will apply their knowledge as they read, write, and proofread braille math and science materials. Students will use the Perkins braille and a computer with 6-key input and Perky Duck to produce braille materials. Students will use the Perkins Braille and a computer with 6-key input and Perky Duck to produce braille materials. Coursework will include examples following current recommendations for the use of Nemeth in UEB materials.



Learning Objectives

The student will demonstrate:

  • Use of Nemeth Code in UEB materials. 

  • Basic understanding of Nemeth braille formatting.

  • Ability to read, write and proofread advanced Nemeth code for math and science.

  • Awareness of resources, various pieces of technology and software for braille production

Instructional Procedures

Students will be using a combination of methods including lecture, hands-on with the Perkins Braille and computer with 6-key input and Perky Duck, independent work, and group work

BEST Grant will provide the following materials for each participant:

  • Braille paper
  • Instruction Manual: An Introduction to Braille Mathematics, 1972

Contact Hours

Twenty-seven (27) contact hours will be offered for this course.

Participant Responsibility

  • Participants are required to bring their own Perkins brailler or computer with Perky Duck or similar 6-key input capability to each onsite session.
  • Between onsite sessions, participants will be required to independently complete 4 lessons, submitting work samples to instructor via emailed Perky Duck files.

Graduate Credit

Two (2) semester hours of Ashland University credit will be offered for each of the braille courses. The BEST Grant will pay for the college credit tuition for the first twenty (20) Ohio teachers to register.

Register for graduate credit through Ashland University


Deadline for registration: June 2, 2021

Register online via OCALI Pass

To receive graudate credit, please register for the training through both OCALI Pass and Ashland University (link above)

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