As part of the BEST Grant’s goals to support the implementation of braille instruction and braille technology, BEST is offering a professional development training focused on MathType and Equatio software. The instructors will facilitate the session with a hands-on learning platform. The training is open to educators and support staff serving students with visual impairments at no cost.


Using MathType and/or EquatIO with the BANA template are effective tools for preparing math braille documents. The primary focus of this hands-on training is learning how to use MathType and/or EquatIO in Word before importing material to Duxbury for braille translation 


Two online sessions

  • February 8, 2022. 1:00pm - 3:00pm
  • February 10, 2022. 1:00pm - 3:00pm


  • Jerry Whittaker, Technical Assistance Consultant
  • Heather Bridgman, Assistive Technology Consultant
  • Shelley Mack, TVI and Braille Consultant


Educators, transcribers and others who work with students who use Nemeth.

Learning Objectives

Participants will demonstrate:

  • Entering math into Word using EquatIO. 
  • Entering math into Word using MathType. 
  • Using Duxbury math codes in the Word setting. 
  • Producing proper Nemeth Code math braille in the UEB setting by importing formatted Word documents into Duxbury. 


Session 1: Preparing Materials 

  • Obtaining math documents 
  • Scanning math material with ABBYY FineReader 
  • Configuring Word to allow for easy identification of MathML 
  • Applying Word BANA template for Nemeth using SWIFT
Session 2: Using EquatIO  
  • EquatIO installation & overview 

  • EquatIO features 
  • Steps in using EquatIO to input math into Word with Screenshot Reader 
  • Steps in using EquatIO to change scanned images of math into MathML 
Session 3: Using MathType 
  • MathType introduction & overview including enhancement of visual appearance 
  • MathType to input math into Word including shortcut keys and practice 
  • Using MathType to convert math from Word Equation Editor 
  • Correcting MathML in MathType 
Session 4: Putting It All Together 
  • Duxbury Math Codes
  • Special cases including problem math topics and document types 
  • Reading and correcting translated braille 


Knowledge of Nemeth Code and formatting in Word for Duxbury Braille translation (familiarity with BANA Braille template operation)

Contact Hours

Four (4) contact hours will be offered.

Materials Provided

A one-year subscription for the Mathtype software or an upgrade will be provided to each district/agency represented (one copy per district/agency).


This training is limited to the first 17 participants to register. Classes fill-up fast, so don’t delay signing up!

Register online via OCALI Pass

For more information contact Julie Pashovich | (614)