Orders for AEM should be submitted in March of the preceding school year in which the AEM will be used so that students have their materials to start the new school year.

Materials Request

Email the completed form to Judy Siens at judy_siens@ocali.org or Kelly Houston at kelly_houston@ocali.org or fax the completed form to 614.262.1070.

You may also contact Judy at 614.410.1041 or Kelly at 614.410.1039 if you have additional questions.

A new online version of the Materials Request form is coming soon.

Formats for Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) from the AT & AEM Center

The AT & AEM Center will supply to the requestor a CD containing one of the following:

  • Audio: a student-ready file for listening on an MP3 or DAISY player.
  • Braille: a Word file ready to be formatted and embossed by the district. An image file is included for the production of tactile graphics, when available. If the district requires transcription services, the AT & AEM Center can offer assistance.
  • Digital: a student-ready PDF file for viewing on a computer, iPad/Tablet and other devices.
  • Large Print: a Word and/or PDF file of at least an 18 point font document that is formatted and ready for printing. Files include images when available.