Training and Resources

AT Law Training

This section contains training materials that may be used for training purposes related to AT Law. This may include PowerPoint presentations, handouts and other useful tools.

Administrators Guide to Effective Technology Leadership

Principals and administrative leaders are powerful change agents. According to Dwyer, L. M., Russell, M. & Bebell, D. J. (2004) perceived pressure from principals and other administrators to use technology is one of the most powerful factors in increasing technology use for teaching and learning.

This QIAT guide outlines what effective technology use looks like.

Assistive Technology Funding: Who will pay?

An interactive PowerPoint show that presents student scenarios and potential options for funding.

Download Presentation (PPS) | Download Presentation (PPTX)

Assistive Technology: Introduction

A PowerPoint that introduces assistive technology and its applications for students with disabilities. Includes examples of assistive technology devices.

The Introduction to AT Guidelines include:

Download Intro to AT PowerPoint

Assistive Technology: Legal Issues that influence decision making

A PowerPoint that looks at the mandates of IDEA and the applications related to the provision of assistive technology.

The Legal Issues in AT Guide includes:

Download Legal Issues in AT PowerPoint

AT Law Resources

This section includes links to related resources and websites that can serve to enhance understanding and applications of AT Laws.

Four Federal Laws Address Assistive Technology

An article on AT Laws provided by the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities.

Ohio Legal Rights Service (OLRS)

OLRS assists people with disabilities in acquiring necessary AT devices and services by providing information about the right to AT and types of AT available, as well as negotiating with service providers for the provision of AT devices and services.

TAM: Technology and Media Division of the Council for Exceptional Children

The Technology and Media Division (TAM) addresses the need, availability and effective use of technology and media for individuals with disabilities and/or who are gifted. Publications include the Journal of Special Education Technology, TAM Connector newsletter, TAM Tech in Action, and TAM Reports.

The Family Center on Technology and Disability

This site contains brief descriptors and links to federal laws within an AT Facts Sheet.

The Public School - Special Education as an Assistive Technology Funding Source: The Cutting Edge

This booklet from Neighborhood Legal Services, Inc. provides comprehensive information on AT and IDEA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, including related court cases.